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How to Register
Period of pre-registration
By March 23(Fri.), 2018
Registration fees
· Overseas
Classification Pre-Registration On-site Registration
Members from
MOU Societies &
ISAPS Member
Physicians 250USD 300USD
Trainees 120USD 150USD
Paramedics 100USD 120USD
Non-Member Physicians 400USD 450USD
Paramedics 150USD 170USD
Gala Dinner 50USD 50USD
Instructional Course 50USD 50USD
Roundtable Sessions Free Free
* Members from our Memorandum of Understanding Societies
* (United States, Canada, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan) are entitled to a discounted rate.
* Simultaneous interpretation will NOT be provided during Instructional Courses (IC) and Roundtable
* sessions (RT).

· Domestic (Korean)
등록구분 사전등록 현장등록
정회원 개원의/봉직의 250,000 300,000
전임의/군의관/공보의 120,000 150,000
비회원 400,000 450,000
전공의/Paramedics 100,000 120,000
Gala Dinner 50,000 50,000
Instructional Course 50,000 50,000
Roundtable Sessions Free Free
·  APS 2018 등록비 입금 계좌 : 하나은행, 101-910011-09204, 대한미용성형외과학회
·  대한성형외과의사회 회원은 회비를 납부해야만 등록할 수 있습니다. (Tel. 02-514-8252)
·  대한미용성형외과학회, 대한성형외과의사회 2개 학회에 회원가입이 되어 있으셔야 정회원으로 등록 하실 수 있습니다.
·  ParamedicsParamedic Session, 협력업체 전시만 입장이 됩니다.
Instructional courses (Session in Korean)
Date IC Time Title / Speaker
IC1 09:10 지방줄기세포의 기초 및 재생성형외과학 입문
Jae Ho Jeong (Oblige Plastic Surgery Clinic)
IC2 11:00 Surgical anatomy of the neck
Sun Ho Song (TOP FACE Plastic Surgery Clinic)
IC3 13:00 Cadaver demonstration of upper eyelid anatomy and clinical meanings
Yong Ho Shin (Bio Plastic Surgery Clinic)
IC4 14:00 비중격통합이식(septal integration graft (SIG))
Kihwan Han (Keimyung Univ.)
IC5 15:45 Correction of the sever blepharoptosis
Yeui Seok Seo (Area88 Plastic Surgery Clinic)
IC6 16:45 The planning process and operation in augmentation mastopexy
Paik Kwon Lee (Apgugeong Avenue Plastic Surgery Clinic)
Joong Hyuk Yim (TL Plastic Surgery Clinic)
07:30 10 ways to Get Better Results in the Basic Open Rhinoplasty
Jae Yong Jeong (Plus Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Clinic)
Lo Shui Chu (101 Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Clinic)
07:30 How to Make Symmetry in Unequal Blepharoptosis with Different Levator Function in the Left and Right Eyelid
Dae Hwan Park (Daegu Catholic Medical Center)
* Simultaneous interpretation will NOT be provided during Instructional Courses (Session in Korean).
Roundtable session (Session in Korean)
Date RT Time Title / Moderator
RT1 09:10 Round Table 1. Breast
Troubled situation in aesthetic breast surgery: What would the expert do?
RT2 11:00 Round Table 2. Periorbital
Trans conjunctival lower lid fat treatment
RT3 14:00 Round Table 3. Rhinoplasty
My key techniques for successful rhinoplasty
RT4 14:30 Round Table 3. Lipoplasty
What are your personal tips to get the best results in fat graft surgery?
RT5 16:00 Round Table 3. MIPS
Current trends in minimal invasive surgery
* Registration fee : Free
* Simultaneous interpretation will NOT be provided during Roundtable sessions. (Session in Korean)
* In the Roundtable session, Panels will comment on cases related to the topics appointed by each moderator, after which session participants (including the audience) will have a discussion.
Gala Dinner
· April 7(Sat) 6:30 p.m. (For seat reservation purposes, only guests who have been invited or applied for
· attendance can join the Gala Dinner)
Account for deposit
· Bank Name : HANABANK
· Account No. : 101-910011-09204
· Beneficiary : KSAPS
· Swift Code : KOEXKRSE
· Bank Address : 1F, 3, Seoun-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul 06733, Korea
· Bank Phone Number : 82-2-3472-1111
· 'Sender's name should be the same as the registrant's name.
Cancellation & refund policy
In case of registration cancellation, the refund shall be 100% (by 8 February 2018) or 50% (by 23 March 2018), with no refunds made after 23 March 2018.
Other information
· Nurses and Paramedical registrants can only attend exhibition and Coordinator sessions.
· Bread and Coffee will be offered in the morning on the day of the congress. (07:30~09:00)
학회 정회원 가입신청서

Contact Information
Pentaid(*Conference agency)
· Address. Pildong-ro 14 Beon-gil #505 (Daepyung Bd.), Jung-gu, Seoul 100-272, Korea
· Tel. +82-2-2267-2296, 2298
· Fax. +82-2-2267-2095
· E-mail. aid@pentaid.com